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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Six Years

Today marks six years since you have been gone Mom. Currently sitting in the waiting room in hospital as we wait for Pop to go into surgery and wishing you were by my side like always. The surgery fell on today and we could not put it off another day as they are repairing the surgeons mistake from his last back surgery. Pop finds it comforting and has said maybe it was scheduled today and how he knows you will be with him. I, on the other hand, find it very uncomfortable but not letting Pop see my worry and fear. It is a distraction I guess, at least this way I won't be pulling the covers over my head and crying all day. I have handled this day the last two years in a much more healthy manner than before.

I don't think you would be happy where Pop and I are in life. I know you would be proud of me making some positive and healthy changes in my life the last two years, rid my life of negative bullshit and got back to my happy and positive self. I also repaired some lost relationships that had fell apart due to my grief and choices I was making. I know you would be so very happy to see I am once again spending my time with David, Kevin, Toni, Anissia, Xavier, and little Isaac who is growing up way too fast. I wish you were here to meet little Connor, he is perfect and looks just like Kevin. I know you would be happy to know I am spending time with Sarah and Ellen again, oh you would go bananas over their little ones. I can only imagine all the goodies you would be buying them for Macys :) As happy as I know you would be for all this, I know you are disappointed and sad to see some other relationships not repaired or just still lost. I am getting healthier, I think we may have found the correct meds and dosage to keep my flares somewhat better controlled, headed to Tara's next week to work on my resume and get back out there. I know you are not happy with how Pop is coming along. I am not sure what has caused his setback in the last year. I can't remember the last time he went to church and it started before he was feeling bad. He has become so dependent on me in terms of company, household duties, just everything Mom. I am so ready to get my own place again and need it as I am starting to resent him but his behavior alone while I was in Georgia the past two weeks worries me in that decision. He called me 3-6 times day, he called Anissia and kept asking her to call me to tell me to come home. He was going crazy and would become tearful on the phone. I felt so guilty because instead of rushing back home, I started to get agitated and would tell him he would be fine, he could manage without me. I just wish you could send him some strength, he has aged so much in the last six years. I barely recognize him.  His behavior, memory, and statements he makes has me so concerned. You and I use to joke that we would take turns caring for him when he turned senile, I am so bitter and sad that I will be doing it alone. 

Not one day goes by that I do not think of you Mom. How I wish I could just talk to you for five minutes or be able to hug you. I miss your laughter, your smile, your wisdom, your love, your awesome dance moves,  I miss everything about you. I hope one day I know you are looking down and smiling down on the entire family and proud of us all. I know you are with each of us everyday watching over us and sending us your love. We all miss you so. Love Always and Forever. xoxo

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Six Birthdays, Thanksgivings, Halloweens, Christmas and Five Easters Without You

It has been some time since I wrote, I talk to you everyday but found writing here has grown harder and not as therapeutic as I once found it to be. I think part is this was such a easy way to keep family and friends updated and I had so many thoughts running in my mind that it helped to put it all down in words. 
I have had six birthdays without you, Pop still buys me flowers every year but let's be honest, no one could make me feel more special on my birthday than you. Six Halloweens that either Pop or myself passed out candy out your front door. How excited you would be to see all the trick or treaters and have "special" bags for the neighbor kids. I have carried that tradition on for you. I am going to skip Easter as it is the hardest one of all. The day you became sick and the one holiday I struggle with the most. Six Thanksgivings without you, the time of year where we had already begun shopping for Christmas. We would go to Uncle Jimmys where Pop would always carve the turkey, you would look forward to what pie Grandma Nelson baked, and Jim would be excited over your cheesy potato casserole.  Uncle Jimmys wood stove would have that basement baking in heat but none of us would notice because we were always having so much fun. I am still struggling a bit with Thanksgiving without you, disappointed in how much it has changed. Christmas, where do I start? It will never be the same. I really tried with Pop this year to have the open house, I know you are disappointed that we have not carried that on each year. I promise it will happen in 2015. I did not cry this year on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I can't begin to tell you how much David, Anissia, Xavier, Isaac, Kevin, and Toni have helped Pop and I celebrate. The best part is how much we look forward to spending Christmas with them. Pop gets excited over the presents we buy for each (can you believe that) You would be so proud of the young men Xavier and Isaac are growing into. Xavier is on his way to joining the Police Academy and Isaac will be a freshman. You would love Xaviers girlfriend, Pop and I talked about that as we were picking out her gift, oh you would be buying her clothes like crazy. But the biggest news is your Godson is going to be a Father. Kevin and Toni will be having a little Lemon this February. Pop just said the other day "could you imagine what all your Mom would have bought for Kevin and Toni by now, Carrie she would have bought the entire nursery" ha, oh you would be so tickled and excited. There are quite a few celebrations happening in 2015, Kristen, Danny, and Jessica are all getting married. I know you will be watching over all three on their big day.
Four days into the New Year and I have made a few promises to myself. I have been feeling pretty good the last few weeks and while Pop would prefer I wait a couple more months to see how I do, I am ready to get back out. I am starting to look for part time and I plan to discuss with Pop that I feel comfortable living alone again. I pretty much know when a flare is coming so I can call him and/or Dr. myself. I have gotten very good at knowing when I am going to pass out and always carry my cell. I think it will help Pop and I get along better plus I miss having my own space. I am going to take a couple classes on subjects that interest me and learn a new hobby.
I am going to stop concentrating so hard and beating myself up over those I lost in my grief and instead devout my love and energy on those that forgave my mistakes and how I handled my grief. I know I was lousy in how I handled losing you, I wanted to stay miserable so I surrounded myself with misery and I am sure it was hard for some to watch. I did learn how to pick yourself up from such dark low trenches, how to remove the stench it left behind on you. I am not perfect nor is anyone, I made mistakes and have finally learned not to dwell, and I will never go back to such a dark ugly place again. I miss all those I lost and if ever a time they need me, I will be there in a heartbeat but in the meantime, I will no longer focus on my sadness of losing them. I have a incredible small but incredible  group of family and friends that love me for me and I believe that while I am not always her, they have all begun to truly see the old Carrie again. 
Last promise is a little odd for me to tell you. I want Pop to date, I don't want Pop to in any way replace you, that would be impossible but I want him to find someone to take to dinner, go see a concert, and most all of dance with. Plus it would be great if someone else had to hear all his stories Mom, you remember how many times he would call you at work and you would hang up so then he would call me..... ten times worse Mom. Sometimes I think he just starts talking to hear his own voice so he needs to find someone who is very patient or very hard of hearing. Now I know why you always sat with your deaf ear to him :) I worry about his social time and how in this last year he seems to only want to sit in recliner in his room. He seems to only go to the airport once a week, that worries me. So, while I continue to push him into dating and getting out to meet people, please give him a few extra pushes. I need your help on this one. 
We all miss. There is not a time that I spend with family or friends that you are not mentioned. So many miss you and were so deeply touched by you. You truly were a Saint, not many come close to having a impact on so many. I am so proud to be your daughter and so proud I was able to call you not just Mom but my best friend. I love you so and miss you more than words can say. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Grief, it's a Bitch

Was not sure if I would write another entry. It has been quite a awhile since I felt the need to do so. Who knew a trip to Target would trigger a need.

Since I was not in a hurry, I decided to stroll around Target before checking out. I found myself looking at the boardgames for some reason. Girl who looked to be my age was standing there. Couple minutes went by and I hear "What game would you suggest for a game night" I began to tell her I use to play but so many new games and she starts crying. Looks away and mumbles a sorry and so embarrassed. I did what Mom would do, pulled out a tissue and asked if she was ok.
"Oh I feel so stupid. Having a group of friends over tomorrow night that I have not seen in awhile and I am so worried. I just want a fun night"
I just continue to wait for her to finish
" My dad died 8 months ago, I shut them all out"

I wanted to hug her right there and then. Oh I know I wanted to scream. I know exactly what you mean. I clenched my teeth praying I would just not start crying right there with her. Instead I found the words " I lost my Mom two years, I did the same thing"

The look of relief on her face. I knew the look. I had the same look anytime I talked to someone who had lost a parent. They did not judge you for your mood swings, your crying spells, the many many cancelled plans (real guilty there)

So there in a Target isle, two girls stood and chatted over a hour about grief and what a bitch it is. Grief, you must go through it but oh how it can break your spirit, ruin relationships, hurt your career, cause health problems etc. There is no pill or treatment to fix it. It is just a bitch. Sometimes it can make you stronger and might take years to do so or sometimes it can just ruin you.

I will call her Target Girl, oh how I hope Target Girl has fun with her friends tomorrow. I hope her friends will be able to look past her behavior and know it had nothing to do with them. I hope her friends can forgive her. I hope her friends will continue to "put up with" her future behavior. I lost so many close to me. I don't blame them now. I did, I thought how could you just walk away when I was hurting. Being that I completely shut them out, I really left them no choice. Besides, they loved who I was not who I was becoming.

So Target Girl has caused a blog entry.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Two years after the GREATEST party

I can't believe it has been two years since we had the best day for Mom. I will never forget when she first told me she wanted a party. Here I was thinking maybe a few people at the house but nope, Mom wanted a HUGE party. What a amazing day. I only smile when I think of that day.
From the beautiful invite that I will always be so thankful for, I will never forget the poem Anne wrote to having Sweaty Teddy DJ the party. Everything Mom asked for happened. There was music, there was dancing, and more than anything, there were so many smiles and hugs. Of course so many had tears, so many did not expect to see Mom look so frail but yet she smiled the whole day.
The party was originally scheduled more than a month away. Mom's Dr pulled me aside one day and told me it was a must to move the party up. I was so worried that we would not be able to but will always be grateful to Andres for working with us. The staff there was so helpful and sensitive to our situation. They also had some tears while helping us plan the event, everyone was so touched and thought it was so beautiful what we were doing.
From the day Mom was diagnosed, I knew what was happening. When I think back to that first day to her last day, my eyes fill with tears and it is so hard to find a good memory. The one day I can focus on and the one day that brings a huge smile rather than tears is the day of her party. As I watched my parents dance their last dance, I did have to turn away for a moment to cry but what a beautiful moment. What a priceless moment. While it may cause a few tears to think about it, I do smile the entire time I remember.
It will be two years since we lost Mom in September. We may have gained a little bit of strength but we lost so much more. Not only did we lose Mom but I feel as those I lost my true smile, my true happiness, some family, some friends... losing her made me feel as though life was lost. I will say with each day, I do have more strength, I do have more smiles, and I hope to one day say I have finally dealt with my grief. I am in no hurry to do so, while many feel I should be over it by now, I will take it 5 minutes at a time if I need to. I know she is with me each day and watching over me. I know she smiles just as big as I do when she thinks about that amazing party.
Thank you to all who made that party so special, everyone there made it such a special day.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Mom!!! It was a beautiful fall day, one you would have loved. Pop and I went to Jefferson Barracks. As you already know, I have a very hard time going there. Pop goes so often, at times I think he goes and never tells me. Yellow roses, your favorite. As I unwrapped them, three buds fell to the ground. I of course got upset but placed them on the headstone. Pop quietly said, "she did that, it is for the three of us" He gets so teary-eyed as he stands there. I just get angry, I get so angry. I always wipe off the headstone, I cant stand for any dust or dirt to be there. I get upset that the grass has maybe one tiny weed. I stand there hoping to feel you, to hear you speak to me, I never do. I realized today, its simply because you are not there. You are always with me, you are always with Pop. You are with all your Peaches. You are everywhere Mom, you are with your family when they need a little sense of calm or comfort. You are with your friends when they need to see or hear something for a giggle. You are just too busy being the angel you always were to be there.
It has been over a year now. Some days are easier, some days I still don't know how I manage. I wish I could tell you that I found a sense of peace with it. I hope that day does come soon.
Fall is here, my favorite time of the year. I decorated the house for you. You really have a lot of crap Mom :) The fall and Halloween decorations are out. Pop is upset I put out the 2 black cat heads. He told me like he always told you that they freak him out. Don't worry, they are right on the buffet where everyone can see them. I know with each holiday I need to decorate this house. I hope one day I will enjoy it again. I think while it bothers me this is your house not sure it would make a difference when I have my own place again or not. It is just pulling out the decorations and knowing a holiday is approaching, a holiday without you.
Bernice's Girls and Boys are starting to campaign again. The climb will be here before we know it. I hope we grow our team size and bring in even more donations. Each step for you Mom.
Happy Birthday Mom, my best friend and angel. I miss you so.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dear Mom

Nights like tonight tend to be harder than most. Nights like tonight where I look at my phone and wish I could call you. Much on my mind and I am so worried about something that is going on. You were always the first I called, the first I wanted to talk to. I can remember calling you at 2am when I could not sleep because something was troubling me. You always answered by the second the ring and I would immediately say sorry for waking you. You would always respond " I am not asleep, what is wrong" Times we would spend 2 hours on the phone and never once did you complain it was the middle of the night.
I so wish I could call you now. No one else I would rather to talk to. No one else I feel I can talk to. I am worried Mom, I am so worried and simply do not know what to do.
I miss you each day Mom. I just want to hear your voice and hear you say " I am not asleep, what is wrong"
I love you Mom

Thursday, September 9, 2010

One Year....

One year Mom, one year since I have been able to talk to you. One year since I have been able to hug you. One year since I have heard your voice. One year without you and not a day goes by that I don't think of you constantly. I was hoping Pop and I would reach the one year mark and could tell you we are doing better, sadly not the case. Anyone who tells you time heals and it gets easier is just full of shit.

A year ago tonight I said goodbye to you for the last time. I remember the night like yesterday. I was not sleeping at all. I had the air mattress in the living room for a week or so because I would not go downstairs. I had moved the guest bed right next to yours and stayed there with you for two days but felt that this night I should stay in the living room. Aunt Thelma stayed up with me and watched lifetime movie :) She went to bed and begged me to do the same. Of course, I could not sleep. At that time I was giving you pain meds every 1-2 hours. I was on the computer chatting away to Justin when I saw it was midnight, told Justin goodnight and went in to give you meds. I knew, I knew the moment I woke in. I don't know how long I stood in the doorway, I am sure it was 3 seconds but it felt like hours. I went over and held your hand, I told you it was ok to go. Part of me is glad I was with you. I know you went in peace. I don't know how long I sat there with you. I knew I had to wake Pop up and tell him you were gone. I finally went to wake Pop and Aunt Thelma. I then changed your clothes and painted your nails, I just had to paint your nails. Then all that strength I had left. I broke and suddenly Pop became the strong one. David rushed over and basically carried me out of the house. Roles for Pop and I changed that night. Here I was the one who was a mess and he seemed to handle it.

I think of that night so often. I make myself sick thinking I should have started CPR when you left. I know you did not want that though and I knew it was time for you to sleep. So many things I wish I could go back and change.

So many changes have happened in this last year Mom. So many things that I wish I could talk to you about it. I think you would be proud and upset with me about a few things. I think you would tell me to start living again. I know you would be upset that I am still here with Pop. You told me not to get stuck here :) I think you would tell me to break my wall down and start being honest with some about my feelings. I think you would tell me I have been a bad friend to Tara and Anne, you would be so upset with me over that. I think you would tell me there are those no longer in my life for a reason and to treasure those that did stay by my side no matter how distant I kept them. I think you would be so happy and proud of Kevin and David. Those two have helped and been for Pop and I, we really do have a a amazing family. I think you would be upset with tensions in the family as well, you would not want to ever see me not have relationships with family members.

It is just so hard not being able to talk to you Mom. I miss your wisdom and advice. I always knew you were my best friend. I always knew you were the first I called for advice, guidance, good news, bad news, you just were always the first phone call. I miss that. I miss that so very much. There is no one else who will ever love someone as much as a Mother loves her child.

I am trying my best to deal with my grief Mom. I have made both good and bad decisions in dealing with it. I know you are still here with me. I know I need to start living again and make you proud.

One year without you. Oh Mom, how I miss you so.